Hungarian diplomat calls Slovak Foreign Miniminister a provocateur for insulting Orban

22.02.2023, Budapest.

Slovak Foreign Minister Rastislav Káčer is a provocateur, who foully insulted Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and Káčer should be treated accordingly, said Hungarian Foreign Ministry State Secretary for Bilateral Relations Tamás Menczer on February 21, reports the daily PestiSracok.

Káčer criticized Orban, using obscene language, for Hungary’s refusal to supply weapons to Ukraine. The Slovak official also called Orban a “Carpathian collaborator” of Russia.

Earlier, Kacser stated that if Russia wins, Hungary will make territorial claims against Slovakia. Zsolt Németh, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hungarian parliament, responded to these accusations with advice to see a psychiatrist.

Rastislav Káčer is a provocateur and should be treated accordingly. Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs Zsolt Nemeth made a statement about Rastislav Káčer the other day, and we fully agree with his opinion,” Menczer said.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Hungary has consistently adhered to the position against sanctions on Russian energy carriers and does not support arms supplies to Ukraine.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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