Soros: Xí Jìnpíng should beware of his own elite

12.05.2020, London.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has managed to antagonize powerful Chinese elite groups through his actions, thereby threatening his own power.  Billionaire financier George Soros shared this assessment during an interview with the British publication The Independent on May 11.

Soros believes that through steps the Chinese President took to abolish term limits, “he destroyed the political future of the most important and ambitious men in a very narrow and competitive elite. It was a big mistake on his part.”

Thus, “he is very strong in a way, but at the same time extremely weak, and now perhaps vulnerable,” the billionaire believes. Soros admitted that he follows very closely “the struggle within the Chinese leadership” and called himself a supporter of “those who believe in an open society. And there are many people in China who are very much in favour of an open society too”, he thinks.

Soros evoke the concept of the “open society”, which the philosopher Karl Popper introduced as an alternative to the so-called “totalitarianism”, and the main distinguishing feature of which is an atomized structure, without shared values.

The main stronghold of the Chinese proponents of globalization is considered to be the city of Shanghai, whose natives occupy important positions in the top leadership of the PRC, and actively compete with other Chinese elite groups.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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