Ukrainian chess player persecuted after playing for Russia

04.03.2020, Kiev.

A political scandal that threatens to cause a catastrophe for Ukrainian chess has erupted in Ukraine because of grandmaster Stanislav Bogdanovich’s performance for Russia, said Nikolay Spiridonov, an expert at the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management, on his Facebook page on March 2.

“Unfortunately, attempts to hush up the scandal with the young Odessa grandmaster Stanislav Bogdanovich have failed, and it has already reached the political level. Information sites and politicians are writing about it, Spiridonov explained.

In his opinion, the harassment, which includes “a number of Ukrainian chess players have already openly threatened him with physical violence in their posts and comments, will ruin the reputation of Ukrainian chess players.

Stanislav Bogdanovich, the Ukrainian chess champion among young men under 18, played for Russia against Ukraine in an online match on the website Thus, according to him, he tried to contribute to the peace between Russia and Ukraine. “It’s time for us to come to our senses and end this feud,” he is convinced.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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