Russian Embassy to Latvia expresses indignation at restrictions on broadcasting in Russian

04.03.2020, Riga.

Under the guise of improving alleged democracy, a majority of the Latvian population can be denied TV broadcasting in their native language, Russian, the Embassy of the Russian Federation to Latvia reported on March 4 on its official Facebook page.

“A major part of the Latvian population can be deprived in law of TV programs in Russian, their native tongue, in order to promote alleged democracy and freedom of speech,” the report says.

These moves are justified by “the country’s national security,” the Russian Embassy to Latvia notes.

Previously, the commission for human rights and social affairs of the Latvian parliament supported Latvian president’s legislative initiative to change a number of provisions in the national electronic media law. The proposed amendments include, in particular, the requirement to restrict the share of broadcasting in Russian to within one-fifth of the overall broadcasting time.

Over 40% of the Latvian population is Russian-speaking. The total population of Latvia is 1.9 million people.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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