Greece: Parliament was besieged by neo-Nazis for three hours

17.06.2018, Athen.

Ultra-right Golden Dawn organization attempted to seize the Greek parliament by force last Friday, parliament Speaker Nikos Voutsis said to Athen-based news agency AMHA, reports on June 17th

Radicals tried to break into the parliament during debates on no-confidence motion against the Greek government. At the same time, they blocked entrances and exits of the building for three hours. The assault units of Golden Dawn were armed with sticks and stones. The parliament members knew about the plans to seize the building and hurried as much as possible to make the decision on the controversial issue. Vote of no confidence did not gain the required number of votes. 127 deputies voted for the Vote of no confidence, with a minimum of 151 required.

The new political crisis broke out in Athens due to the reached agreement between Greece and Macedonia regarding the name of the ex-Yugoslav republic. It coincides with the name of the Greek region on the North of the country. Prime minister Alexis Tsipras stated that the deal fully meets the country’s interests, with which members of the ultra-right neo-Nazi Greek party Golden Dawn did not agree and organized riots near the parliament, trying to seize it. At the same time, Golden Dawn MP Konstantinos Barbarusis called military to a coup and to arrest government leaders. Barbarusis is not the first MP who called for a coup. On September 2017 MP Ilias Kasidiaris was sentenced to six months of prison with reprieve for the call to violence

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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