Ukrainian politician: Nord stream 2 is Russia's economic weapon

17.06.2018, Kiev.

Germany’s support to the project of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 would make Russia the threat to the world, said the Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament Oksana Syroed on the air of 112 Ukraine channel on June 14.

Syroed stated that “Russia will win and we don’t know when it will stop because nowadays Nord Stream 2 is a weapon, which Russia has already delivered to Berlin. The only question is when it will put this weapon into use”. According to the Ukrainian politician, trade with Russia threatens the European values and it should be abandoned despite financial gains.

The launch of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 will allow Russia to deliver gas to Germany across the Baltic Seabed. It will reduce dependency on supply of Russian gas to Europe via land routes through certain countries. First and foremost, it will have an impact on Ukraine which transits the considerable part of Russian export gas through its territory. In this regard, Ukraine continuously speaks out against the construction of the pipeline. On June 8, the President of Ukraine stated that the project was impractical in economic terms and that it needs to be countered.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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