Moldavian court orders ex-minister to apologize for discrimination of Russians

04.05.2018, Chișinău.

According to a court order, the former Moldavian minister of transport and road infrastructure, Yuri Kirinchuk, must apologize for his discriminatory statements against Russians, Sputnik-Moldova reported on May 4.

According to the court decision, Kirinchuk must “publicly apologize using the same media that he used to communicate the discriminatory statements. The text must be as follows: ‘I offer my public apologies to Russians for my ethnically discriminatory statements published on October 12, 2016’.” The defendant did not appear in court.

In 2016, Kirinchuk published abusive statements against Russians on the Internet, which met a negative reaction from the Russian embassy in Moldavia. Later, a number of activists started a court case against Kirinchuk.

Furthermore, in April 2017 the Moldavian minister of transport was reported to be detained on corruption charges.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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