Asia Times: Munich Conference is a Russofobia show

21.02.2018, Bangkok.

The Munich Conference on Security Policy must be subject to impartial analysis, Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar wrote in his article of February 20 published by Asia Times.

The Conference, which has become a high-level meeting of world politicians, military and intelligence officials, needs a sober professional evaluation, the author believes.

The Munich Conference was supposed to give answers to serious security issues; but in fact, the world witnessed another Russophobic show and Russiagate soap opera.

According to the author, the Munich Conference did nothing to get rid of Cold War 2.0 fears, but it rather brought them to the old myths about “Soviet communists eating children for breakfast.”

The journalist emphasized that the participants of the Conference did nothing to discuss actual threats in the Middle East, i.e. the recent Israeli conflict with Iran, which escalated to the hot phase almost immediately.

According to Escobar, the security “experts” at the Munich Conference completely failed against an emerging Eurasian Century, which is much more serious than the trans-Atlantic movement. Speaking of the Eurasian Century, the author means the growing role of China.

 “Let the Cold War 2.0 decay in what it only could be, its empty shell,” the author concludes.

The 54th Security Conference was held on 16-18 February in Munich. It gathered 20 heads of state and 80 foreign ministers from various countries. The forum focused on the relations between the EU, Russia, and the USA; European security; the situation in the Middle East and on the Korean Peninsula.

Editorial comment

According to the author, the Conference became a site of Russofobic saber-rattling. On this matter, we have to agree with the Brazilian journalist. The Chairman of the Council of the Federation Committee for Foreign Affairs Konstantin Kosachev said right at the Conference that the forum has always been anti-Russian.

However, the statement about the Cold War 2.0’s “empty shell” is very dangerous for Russia. An underestimated threat can be more disastrous for the country than direct aggression. The Asia Times journalist’s opinion is also interesting because it expressed the attitude of a certain part of the Russian elite, which, despite all the sanctions and other steps taken by the West against Russia, still believes that the Cold War can be avoided. Day after day, it is becoming obvious that such hopes are groundless, as the Munich Conference has demonstrated.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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