Norway: Russia is waging a hybrid war against us

24.11.2017, Russia.

Russian Embassy in Norway has published comments regarding the provocative article published on November 22nd by the NRK Norwegian public broadcaster. The comment was posted on November 22nd on the official Twitter page of the Embassy.

The article accuses Russia of aggression against Norway with Colonel Tormod Heier’s statements, who is a lecturer at the College of the Norwegian Armed Forces. In particular, he says that “a hybrid war is an integral part of the Russian political thinking.”

Commenting on these remarks, the Embassy stated that a search for “hybrid threats” is hiding real attempts to eradicate perception of Russia as an integral part of the European civilization from the public opinion, while Russia, in fact, saved Europe, including Norway from inevitable collapse multiple times; it is an attempt to erect an impenetrable psychological wall of exclusion and mistrust among peoples.

It is notable that against the backdrop of various provocative actions in the United States against Russia, Washington’s NATO ally has joined these ungrounded accusations.

In late 1944, the Soviet troops were actively involved in the liberation of Norway from German-fascist troops. It was the offensive of the Soviet troops that was the first step towards the end of the Norway’s occupation by fascist Germany.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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