Expert: Americans have managed to organize a front against Venezuela

10.08.2017, Venezuela.

On August 9, an expert of the Latin America Magazine in his interview to the Russia 24 TV-Channel spoke about the United States’ success in uniting Latin American countries.

The Americans have managed to organize a front” against Venezuela, noted the expert.

On August 5, the MERCOSUR South America Trade Union suspended Venezuela’s membership in the Union under the initiative of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Previously, Venezuela announced its withdrawal from the Organization of American States (OAS) due to the threat of intervention that it received from the members of the organization.

On June 30, Venezuela held elections to the Constitutional Assembly (CA), so as to resolve the political crisis within the country. But the pro-American opposition did not take part in the elections, and it called upon its supporters not to vote. This gives the opposition an opportunity to call the CA illegitimate. On August 9, the Constitutional Assembly stated that no branch of the country’s government can obstruct the Assembly’s resolutions, and it passed a bill establishing the Truth, Justice and Peace Commission.

Editorial comment:

The United States is playing back Latin America’s “left turn” of the late 20th– early 21st century, when apart from Venezuela and Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil started to look to the socialist side. Back then, the Americans loosened their grip on the region; figuratively speaking, they became complacent after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Bolivarian left potential, which became active in Latin America during the period of social stagnation, played its role too. Now,  a cold war is taking the place of the period of social stagnation, and the Americans have directed their attention towards their “back yard”: the region’s resources are so vast, that they could allow the US, for example, to do without oil from the Persian Gulf.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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