British expert: Conservative Manifesto is a barbarity

19.05.2017, United Kingdom.

A British political expert, the Editor-in-Chief of the Politics First parliamentary magazine, Marcus Papadopoulos, branded the Manifesto of the British Conservative Party as a barbarity in his interview to the RIA Novosti news agency on May 18.

According to the expert, the plans proposed by the Conservatives endanger employment, industry, and investments because there is no strategic planning for these sectors in the context of Brexit.

Strong criticism has been hailed on the Manifesto’s social provisions, which would cut social guarantees. For example, the National Health Service would become private, spending from the budget on disabled and mental health patients would be reduced, and welfare payments could be put off until one’s death.

Neither did the expert welcome the Conservative Party’s plans to provide unconditional support for NATO’s actions.

Marcus Papadopoulos also commented the promise to repeal the ban on hunting. He pointed out that the Party promotes the interests of a minority on this issue, the hunting community, which donates millions of pounds to the Conservatives. In this regard, Marcus reminded that the ban on hunting is supported by 80 percent of the British population.

“In summary, the Conservative Manifesto is a barbarity against both people and animals”, the British expert concluded.

On June 8, Britain is holding an early parliamentary election; and on May 18, Theresa May presented the election manifesto of the Conservative Party.

The Conservative Manifesto is accessible at

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Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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