Ukrainian army shelled towns and villages of Donbass

16.02.2017, DPR.

Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled a number of the towns and villages, including the town of Avdeevka controlled by them, a source in the Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia (DPR PM) informed a Rossa Primavera News Agency reporter on February 16th.

16.02.2017, DPR.

In the evening, Ukrainian military opened fire on Avdeevka with the tanks artillery. There were the direct strikes to the multiple story buildings on Gagarina str. and in the “9th” residential area. One civilian was reported killed. After the conduction of this provocation, Ukrainian Armed Forces Command is trying to accuse the DPR PM of the shelling of the residential areas.

The tensest situation is along the Gorlovka and Donetsk directions of the front. During the past day, the Ukrainian side shelled the northern and western suburb of Gorlovka, the village of Zaytsevo, suburbs of Yasinovataya and the village of Spartak.

The “Prikanalnaya” and “Podkachka” pumping stations, supplying the city of Gorlovka with water, came under the Ukrainian artillery fire.

The Ukrainian army continues to provoke trench combat along the different parts of the front. The fire intensity in Avdeevka industrial zone remains high. Large-caliber artillery, tanks, mortars, grenade launchers, and small arms are used.

According to DPR PM Command, one serviceman of the Republic was killed.

According to DPR PM intelligence, ammunition load exploded at the positions of the Ukrainian army near the village of Opytnoye at around 12.30 PM by Moscow time. Ukrainian military, being heavily drunken, grossly violated safety measures during the transportation and storage of ammunition. Ukrainian Armed Forces Command confirms that at least 3 soldiers were killed and 4 were injured.

The Ukrainian army redeployed up to a battery of 152mm “Giatsint-B” howitzers and a battery of 122mm D-30 howitzers in the area of Krasnogorovka. There is information on the arrival of up to 2 anti-tank platoons armed with 130mm “Stugna-P” anti-tank guided missiles in Peski. A platoon of one of the national battalions arrived in Avdeevka.

According to updated information, during the past day, February 15th, the Ukrainian army violated ceasefire obligations 1,048 times by shelling the front-line territory of DPR. Ukrainian army fired 20 rockets of “Grad” multiple launch rocket system, 321 152mm and 122mm artillery shells, 15 tank shells, 418 120mm and 82mm mortar rounds.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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