Aid from France reached destroyed Nikishino village in DPR (photo report)

10.06.2016, DPR.

On June 6 the “Donbass with Texas” filming crew spent the day in the destroyed Nikishino village. We already visited the village in April and told you about the disastrous situation in which people have to live. They basically have no roofs above their heads.


Several houses are being repaired by the volunteers of the “Patriotic Forces of Donbass”. This time we didn’t come empty-handed — we brought construction tools, which were bought for the money raised in France.


70 Euros were sent by the students of the college “Les Hyverneaux” from the French Lésigny. After the teacher told the children about the events happening in Donbass, the kids created a whole series of New Year postcards and hand-crafted things, which they sold on the Christmas fair in the center of the city. Another 640 Euro were raised with the help of fundraising concerts and selling paintings. Two piano concerts of the pianist and musicologist Célestin Komov took place in Paris and Bourgogne. Together with the concerts, an exhibition of paintings of children from Donbass took place. An artist from Crimea, who lives in Paris, Anastasia Om, painted a number of miniatures, all funds raised by selling these also flown into the aid for Nikishino.


We spent these funds on buying a good hammer drill with drill bits, two angle grinders, a chainsaw, wrenches, combination pliers, hammers, protective glasses and many other things necessary in construction. Out old friend Chika, who is skilled in construction and who, during the breaks in combat tasks, instead of resting helps other volunteers, especially appreciated the tape measures. All of these tools will now serve the repair of the civil infrastructure of the village.


Apart from that, we decided to provide some physical aid.


Currently the building of foundations for two residential houses for families, who can’t recover on their own.


The houses must be erected before the cold comes, so the working hands of volunteers are very much welcome here!


Soon you will be able to see more in the new episode of the program “Donbass with Texas”.


“Essence of Time” unit in Donbass

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