Azerbaijan attacks Karabakh Republic, Armenia launches counteroffensive

02.04.2016, Nagorno-Karabakh.

Armenian army units advance on several directions in the course of the military conflict which broke out this morning in Nagorny Karabakh Republic, Armenia’s Defense Ministry spokesman Artsun Ovannisyan stated today, Interfax reports.

The Defense Ministry representative’s Facebook page informs that the combat continues. Armenian forces counterattack. Artsun Ovannisyan informed of casualties on both sides, Azerbaijan suffered large losses of personnel and military hardware, a military helicopter and two drones are reported to be downed. The initiative is on the Armenian side.

This morning Azerbaijan claimed that Nagorny Karabakh Republic violated the ceasefire, after which Azerbaijan launched a large-scale offensive against the Republic. Azerbaijan used artillery systems, armored vehicles and air force. Besides the contact line, Azerbaijan attacked peaceful towns and military bases of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. There is no information regarding the conflict from Azerbaijan yet.



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