1,000 troops, 300 neo-Nazis enter Odessa as city prepares to commemorate May 2 massacre victims

On May 2, 2014, with the silent permission of local authorities, neo-Nazis chased “Antimaidan” supporters to the Trade Unions House of Odessa, blocked them inside and set the building on fire. As a result, 46 people were burned alive, another 200 were injured. Armed Nazis surrounded the building and were beating everyone who managed to escape the burning building, inflicting heavy injuries. International organizations, including the UN, pointed out that there never was any objective investigation of the massacre.

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Essence of Time unit in Donbass. The Beginning. Rumyn

The events on the Maidan made me join the “Essence of Time” movement cell in Zaporozhye. The struggle against the forces, which seized power in Ukraine became a high priority in my life. Uprisings against the illegitimate Kiev junta took place in Donetsk and Lugansk. After I had met with Sergei Kurginyan in Rostov, I decided to come and help the “Essence of Time” cell in Donetsk.

One day at “Vostok” brigade base comrade Boor noticed how I cleaned my gun, listened to how I talked to him about weapons, and said that, in his opinion, I should be working as a gunsmith in the weapon storage.

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