[Helping Donbass fighters] Russell Bentley (‘Texas’) visits ‘Electrician’ in hospital

“Electrician”, the solder of Donetsk People’s Republic army (‘Khan’ battalion), lost his right leg while neutralizing a mine left by Ukrainian army in the near-combat zone. Electrician is an experienced sapper, however the mine wasn’t a common one – it was assembled from an American and Polish land mine (American casing and Polish charge).

Just in the first day after the operation, being in hospital, Electrician asked for handbooks on mines of foreign manufacture in order to understand how to remove such mines.

Electrician plan to use his knowledge and experience to continue protecting people of Donbass. He says he won’t stop until the war ends, until the Victory.


Russell Bentley visited Electrician in January 2016 in Donetsk hospital on the Electrician 31st birthday. Talking about the reason why he has joined the DPR army, Electrician said that he originally came from Makeevka (a city near Donetsk) and worked later in Slavyansk. He witnessed what happened there, when Nazis came to power after the coup d’etat in Ukraine in 2014. That’s why Electrician arrived in Donetsk and decided to join the militia, which later became the DPR army, in order to kick the Ukrainian fascists out from his homeland.

Right now, there is a fund raising to help ‘Electrician’ to get a prosthetic leg.

Let’s help the freedom-fighter return to the ranks!

If you would like to donate you can do it via WesternUnion or PayPal:
-WesternUnion: Borzilov Gennadiy Evgenevich, Rostov on Don, Russia
-PayPal (via Russell Bentley’s account): http://www.russelltexasbentley.com/p/…
Specify “Electrician” as the purpose of your contribution.

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