The Essence of Time commune – 2020: How our unbending consciousness shows reality the way

Restrictions imposed in Russia in connection with the coronavirus prevented members of the Essence of Time movement from gathering in 2020 for the Summer School in Alexandrovskoye. However, at least part of the School program was able to be held in video format.

9 years of the movement

In his opening speech, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, analyst and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan notes that the movement has progressed rapidly in its 9 years of existence. The difference between where it all started and what has now been achieved through the will of the members of the movement in this short time is colossal.

It is the humanistic nature of the movement that the members of the Essence of Time united around which empowered them to not only remain strong together through these years, but also to grow and advance significantly.

The desire to change the course the country was taking without dissolving the State and without appealing to destructive forces paired with the willingness to defend their ideals in word and in practice helped the members of the movement create a cohesive and efficient organization.

The core

Kurginyan stresses that the professional core of the movement (the Commune) has grown exponentially over the past years. Members of the School of Higher Meanings, who have not joined the commune, but nevertheless work and contribute just as much as the full members of the commune, have greatly increased their human and professional capabilities. Regular grassroots organizations (or RPOs, i.e. regional primary organizations) of the Essence of Time have also strengthened over this time.

Kurginyan points out that, unfortunately, the forecasts of a sharp deterioration in living standards are coming true: evidence of this is seen in the worldwide coronavirus epidemic with widespread isolation of peoples, protests in Belarus and the widespread demonstrations taking place in the United States.

Because of the effort and fortitude of the Essence of Time and its allies, the advancement of destruction and collapse of our country and world has been decelerated if not entirely prevented.

The leader of the Essence of Time movement states that the results achieved by the movement already, allow us to speak of its evolution into a major element in public life as a reality.

The Essence of Time is not spinning its wheels, but tirelessly driving forward as clearly demonstrated in this series of videos.

The commune

The first video clip is dedicated to highlighting the life of people in the commune. The main areas of labor and activity in “Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda” are large construction sites, a sawmill and agricultural pursuits. The members of the commune tell us about the work that has been made in the past year since the last Summer School. The next stage of repair and restoration at the former main building of the factory has begun.

Large works are also underway to clean up the surrounding area, which was in a state of utter chaos in order to be transformed into a park and a garden. Expansion of all sawmill production areas allowed us not only to significantly increase the volume and range of goods, but also to give local residents the opportunity to work close to their homes. This year agriculture became, for the members of the commune, the new uncharted field of activity as the sawmill once was. The work here is carried out in multiple directions. In February of 2021 members of the commune plan to open a year-round automated greenhouse for the cultivation of cucumbers and tomatoes. Fields that have laid barren for more than 20 years are now being developed to once again provide to the peoples of our country.

As all the members of the commune like to say, when you do something with your own hands, you not only begin to better understand the processes on a deep level, but you also gain a completely different relationship with the results of the work.

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