Sergey Kurginyan: Who is behind the coronavirus? Part IV: Who will answer for the needless deaths?

The leader of the Essence of Time movement, analyst and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan is convinced that the danger of coronavirus epidemic for humanity is enormous, but it is not in the coronavirus itself.

The analyst begins with explaining why he is informed of what is happening in Russia and worldwide in connection with COVID-19. This is thanks to a large team of people who are willing to conscientiously sift through the huge and cloudy stream of open information for the sake of extracting valuable particles. When working with open sources, it is necessary to understand which of those who call themselves specialists are really such. And what these specialists are trying to convey to other narrow professionals and the public in their jargon.

In addition, emphasizes the political scientist, one needs common sense to understand what is happening and the potential consequences of certain actions.

For example, it is quite obvious that with limited resources (not only money, but also infrastructure and human resources), when a new disease suddenly appears, it is necessary to shift some of the resources involved in fighting other known diseases.

If you deprive the current health care system of some doctors and hospitals to try to use them to combat COVID-19, the amount of care people get will obviously decrease.

Therefore, Kurginyan stresses, before devierting medical resources to combat the new coronavirus danger, one should carefully calculate the potential risks of such a redistribution. In order not to find out that due to the inaccessibility of the usual medical care from “ordinary” diseases, many more people will die than would have died due to COVID-19. But either this was not done, or no one listened to those who warned of this.

Now, the WHO and Germany (as well as other countries) are talking about the health catastrophe due to the unreasonable redistribution of resources.

Moreover, Kurginian notes, the resources allocated at such a price are not just used ineffectively (in terms of combating COVID-19, but not in terms of embezzlement) – they often create more problems than they solve. And this is where the main issue of today arises.

The predatory qualities of the modern elite are not news, says the political scientist. It’s just stupid to confront them with moral grievances. The system can’t self-regulate.

The only thing that could confront the predatory system today, convinced Kurginyan, is the consolidated reaction of the medical community. Who see that in coronavirus frenzy a crime is committed (and the increase in deaths not just from COVID, but from other diseases as a result of partial refusal of the system to provide care, which is a crime), but do not hinder it for real.

Then the frenzy grows – and the psychotic system begins to encroach not only on human dignity, but also on the human essence as such, explains Kurginyan. And humanity, which has slipped into a slumber on the run, has only one path, on which it is possible to really resist the ultimate degeneration: to wake up and defend your essence.

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