Who is behind the coronavirus pandemic? Russian response, part 3: “Which of you have done this?”


The leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan starts the episode referencing events from 2015. Nature Medicine published an article about experiments to create a new chimeric coronavirus based on SARS and a bat virus. This artificial virus was able to successfully reproduce in human respiratory cells. Studies on mice showed that vaccines and treatments against SARS are almost completely ineffective against the new virus. The scientists concluded that in the future it is possible that the disease outbreaks in humans may occur as a result of virus mutation associated with bats.

This 2015 article sparked a debate in the scientific community about whether such dangerous experiments to enhance virus pandemic potential are justified because a lab-made virus could escape.

In 2020, in the midst of the COVID panic, a note was added to the article dated by 2015, stating that the scientists believe that the coronavirus is of natural origin. In other words, some censorship actually prohibits the discussion of the virus’ artificiality.

Referring to these 2015 articles, Kurginyan stresses the possibility of creating a new virus remains relevant. He tells about the events which became a prologue to the new coronavirus pandemic. At the beginning of August 2019 US mass media reported that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stopped the work of laboratories at Fort Detrick, which dealt with dangerous pathogens and toxins. Also in August, the US began to talk about an outbreak of a “mysterious vaping illness.” Doctors encountered unusually severe lung injury in patients, but were unable to identify the source of the disease. And in October 2019, even before there was any information about an outbreak of pneumonia in China, a top-level pandemic exercise called Event 201 was held in New York. The scenario of the exercise was fantastically similar to the events that later unfolded in reality.

Then came the Munich Security Conference in February 2020, during the US announced its pivot towards an abrupt confrontation with China.

China reacted sharply to the “confessions” of Redfield, the CDC head, who confirmed in March that the US had cases of the new infection diagnosed as influenza. Kurginyan points to a whole network of close ties: US Vice President Mike Pence, Redfield, Shepherd Smith’s evangelical circles and others. These figures are now taking part in the events around the coronavirus. The same group is also associated with Rumsfeld, the developer of a plan for total quarantine among the civilian population in response to a Chinese biological attack. Kurginyan stresses that the information confirming the development of action plans in the US similar to those currently being implemented in connection with the coronavirus pandemic is not classified. It was therefore brought to the attention of Chinese policymakers, who began to ask difficult questions to the United States.

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