USA refused to sell high technologies to China

14.09.2017, USA.

An acquisition of Lattice company by China was vetoed by the USA President Donald Trump on the 13th of September, the White House Press Office informs, TASS reports.

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation produces semiconductor microcircuits. Chinese state-owned corporation China Venture Capital Fund Corporation Limited showed an interest in acquiring it. According to the Press Office, Trump decided to refuse the Chinese company because of risks of intellectual property’s transfer to other countries and also because of anticipated failure to deliver high performance microcircuits to the USA enterprises.

Donald Trump stated many times that he sees a fight against an economical and geopolitical Chinese influence as one of the main vectors of his foreign policy. In spite of that position’s alleviation demonstrated at the meeting of two superpowers’ leaders this spring, the USA does not reject the task of contain China and to destabilize the situation in the vicinity of that geopolitical competitor’s borders.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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