Russian Ground Forces will be reinforced with modernized Strela surface-to-air missile systems

20.11.2023, Moscow.

A decision was made to form new anti-aircraft missile batteries and divisions with modernized Strela-10 surface-to-air missile systems to strengthen the protection of ground forces, Izvestia wrote on November 20, citing sources in the Russian military establishment.

The decision was made taking into account the experience of special operations. The main task of the new units will be to fight against enemy drones.

The units will be equipped with Strela-10M3 and Strela-10MN anti-aircraft missile systems with the new 9M333 missile.

It is noted that the modernized Strela-10, which has been in service since the 1970s, will serve for another 10-15 years. Due to the new guidance system and missiles, the anti-aircraft missile system has been able to hit its targets at any time of the day, regardless of the season and weather conditions.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency