Russian SVR Director: The West demands maximum mobilization from Ukraine

20.11.2023, Moscow.

The USA demands that Ukraine maximize mobilization, proposing to expand the conscription age to the range of 17-70 years old and to draft women additionally. The Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergey Naryshkin said this on 20 November via the agency’s press service.

“The West demands that the Zelensky regime, without counting losses, demonstrate to the world community the impossibility of Russia’s victory in the Ukrainian conflict,” the statement reads.

Naryshkin explained that, in particular, the United States is guiding the Ukrainian leadership to maximize mobilization to make up for heavy losses.

“The US and UK curators of Kiev recommend the military and political leadership of Ukraine to lower the conscription age to 17 and raise it to 70, as well as to conduct additional mobilization of women,” the SVR director said.

Naryshkin also compared Ukraine’s leadership to the leadership of Nazi Germany, which in 1944 created the Volkssturm, which included units of Hitler Youth children.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency