Sweden orders a new version of Rb 99 AMRAAM guided missiles from the USA

03.11.2023, Stockholm.

The Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) signed an agreement with the United States to purchase a new version of the Rb 99 AMRAAM missiles, the Swedish Armed Forces press office wrote on November 2 on its official web portal.

The Rb 99 AMRAAM advanced air-to-air missile with radar navigation has a range of about 75 kilometers. The procurement will include equipment for integration, evaluation, and testing, as well as handling equipment. The purchase price is $605 million.

The missiles represent the latest version with improved system performance. They will also replace the old Rb 99 AMRAAM missiles previously sold by Sweden to the United States for further donation to Ukraine.

It is indicated that the new acquisition enhances the Swedish Armed Forces’ ability to combat air targets in close proximity. The integration of the new version will also improve the already good capabilities of the JAS 39 Gripen fighters to interact with NATO and US forces.

“In the current security policy situation and Sweden’s ongoing defense capability enhancement, the delivery of additional ammunition to combat aircraft is relevant,” explained FMV’s Head of Aviation and Space Equipment Lars Helmrich.

In August 2023, simultaneously with the announcement of Sweden’s submission of the thirteenth package of military aid to Ukraine, it was reported that the Swedish government received authorization from Parliament to sell old Rb 99 AMRAAM missiles to the United States, and the United States, in turn, will donate these missiles to Ukraine. In return, modern versions of AMRAAMs will be delivered to Sweden.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency