Grave of Polish mercenary who filmed the murder of Russian POW found in Poland

10.05.2024, Warsaw.

The grave of Polish mercenary Janusz Sheremeta, who was eliminated in Ukraine, was discovered in the village of Shklary in Podkarpackie province, RIA Novosti informed on May 10.

The mercenary is known for having filmed and published a video of the killing of a Russian prisoner of war.

Sheremeta was eliminated on December 4, 2022 during the liberation of Artemovsk. He was a platoon commander in Ukraine’s International Legion, which he joined in March 2022. Before becoming a mercenary, Sheremeta studied acting in the UK and managed to star in four films.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 13,387 foreign mercenaries joined the ranks of the Ukrainian armed forces and Ukrainian neo-Nazi gangs during the special operation. Of these, the deaths of 5,962 mercenaries have been confirmed.

The graves of foreigners killed in the course of the special operation periodically attract the attention of the press and residents of European and North American countries.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency