Kurginyan: Russia must strengthen the control of its security services over those arriving from Ukraine

13.05.2024, Moscow.

In the context of the Special Military Operation, the Russians demonstrate unprecedented tolerance to the Ukrainians; however, the security services’ control has to be strengthened in order to prevent this tolerance from being misused for stabbing us in the back, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, philosopher and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said on April 27 on the Right to Know program on channel TVC.

This was the analyst’s answer to a question from Ukrainian public activist Vasil Vakarov who reported numerous applications from his compatriots living in Europe: after the Ukrainian government decided to stop issuing passports and travel documents to draft-aged citizens who left the country, many Ukrainians abroad are seeking for a chance to find asylum in Russia. At the same time, according to Vakarov, those who contacted him condemned him as “enemy and Kremlin’s agent.”

Sergey Kurginyan stressed that neither the Russian people nor the Russian authorities have even a sign of hostile attitude to the Ukrainian people. He says that this is “the utmost imperial wisdom of the Russian people.” At the same time, “filtration activities etc. are inevitable in any major war,” the analyst believes. He says that “opening maternal arms” to the Ukrainians is only possible with a reservation that at the same time we must speed up, improve, and expand our security services’ control.

What is taking place now is definitely the most favorable regime for the Ukrainians in view of the level and existential nature of the conflict. This regime can only be extended along with broader security services control, because otherwise Azov (organization banned in Russia) will want to urgently come to build united Russia, and then we will have a coup attempt here,” Kurginyan said.

He stressed that no country in the world can afford anything like that.

The French expelled Polish miners as soon as the war began and Hitler occupied Poland. The Japanese suffered terrible violence from the US on its territory, etc. Compared to this, we are an unprecedented extremum of tolerance towards the Ukrainian people. We can only improve it if we concurrently improve our measures to prevent our tolerance from being misused to stub us in the back,” Kurginyan believes.

On April 23, the Dokument Ukrainian governmental enterprise, which is responsible for issuing passports, announced that it stopped issuing documents after the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba himself ordered to stop consular services abroad. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian cabinet adopted a resolution that draft-aged Ukrainians can no longer receive passports abroad.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency