Bundeswehr purchases new radio equipment that it could not install

30.09.2023, Berlin.

Germany’s armed forces purchased new radios for their vehicles, but it has proved impossible to install them on rolling stock, the online magazine Tichys Einblick wrote on Sept. 30.

The Bundeswehr bought new modern, digital radios for its vehicles for a billion euros. Later, it turned out that the purchased radio equipment could not be installed on the rolling stock – complex modifications to the vehicles’ cooling and lighting systems were required.

“It’s like taking the engine off a car and rebuilding it to make the new car radio work,” writes publicist Christopher Walther.

It is noted that apparently staff at the ministry have been hiding the problem from their superiors for weeks. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius explained that he learned of the problem last weekend.

Secretary of State and Pistorius’s SPD party colleague Nils Hilmer should have known about the incident since mid-August. For some reason, Hilmer chose not to inform his supervisor.

Pistorius emphasized that he is “somewhat annoyed” and wants to clarify the situation in the coming weeks and months and “fix what needs to be fixed.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency