Kurginyan tells why “Trumpists” have agreed to fund Ukraine

09.05.2024, Moscow.

By its decision to provide a financial tranche to Ukraine, the US political class has demonstrated its “absolute plasticity,” the leader of the Essence of Time movement, philosopher and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said on April 27 on the program Right to Know on channel TVC.

Answering host’s question about “how the republicans turned on a dime” in the USA, when the previously reluctant “Trumpists” agreed in a moment to fund Ukraine, Kurginyan stressed that any “variations” between the republicans and democrats in the USA are an important component only for the periphery of the US political system, “a show for the spectators,” “a dosed confrontation.” Until “the moment of truth” when the core of the political class, the so-called deep state, “comes and tells what to do.” And no US politician will ever act independently; he will obey, the analyst explains.

There will never be any other kind of existence until a real, deep split takes place in the core of the [US] political class. This remains to happen, but so far there is no even a sign of it. They have a perfect consensus on the Ukrainian issue as well as any other issues. A perfect consensus! This war [in Ukraine] must last forever,” the analyst comments.

He adds that the US decision to finance Ukraine is very serious, “it must not be belittled.” At the same time, however, we must understand how it is organized inside.

And inside it is organized in a way that there cannot be any prompt reactions to this money. It is ‘Patriots,’ it is aircraft, it is heavy artillery, and even rounds. It is not doughnuts in a shop that you can go and buy any number you wish. This is an absolutely different kind of products,” Kurginyan says.

You were given some money, but there is no arms at the warehouses, so what does that mean? It means that you have placed orders with your plants, preferably US-based. You have placed your orders, they have started to launch, they have made investments, they have recruited personnel gradually, and they have cautiously taken their insurance funds. In two years or a little sooner you will get the goods for the money you paid,” the analyst explains.

He believes that the only chance for the USA to help Ukraine with this money is to largely disarm itself, “…to withdraw equipment [from itself] to give it [to Ukraine] and thus find itself disarmed for a while. I doubt that they will do so,” the analyst says.

The key point here is that “the core of the US ruling class upon some discussion gave its ‘go ahead, no retreats’ to Ukraine.”

And this ‘miraculous’ change [in the republicans’ position], which is really major, it simply shows how fictitious it all is. <…> This political class is absolutely plastic, and besides, this is why it is obviously miserable inside, and the Americans understand this, too,” the leader of the Essence of Time movement believes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency