Austrian expert: Successes of Ukrainian “counteroffensive” are exaggerated

29.09.2023, Vienna.

Ukraine’s partial successes in its counteroffensive against the Russian Armed Forces were overestimated, Austrian military expert on Ukraine Markus Reisner said, German news agency dpa reported on September 29.

“Overcoming individual Russian defenses is accompanied by heavy losses, but there is still no real breakthrough,” Reisner said. Ukraine’s partial successes in the counteroffensive have been exaggerated, he said. “It is necessary to trumpet that after 117 days of counteroffensive, there is no operational breakthrough,” the expert reiterated.

According to the Austrian military officer, Ukraine is not receiving enough military equipment to withstand Russian bombardment. Only strengthened air defense could reduce hits on critical infrastructure. If that country’s energy system is badly damaged, the spine of military production will be fractured as well.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency