French expert says NATO abandons its military and political positions

28.08.2023, Paris.

France’s withdrawal from African countries, as well as the USA withdrawal from Afghanistan, are signs of NATO’s retreat from its military and political positions, columnist Sylvie Kauffmann wrote in her article for Le Monde on September 28.

According to Kaufmann, the French defeat in Africa is not mitigated even by the attempt to make this retreat an organized one, unlike the US one in Afghanistan. All this demonstrates the failure of Western military interventions in the South.

“The withdrawal of troops is not only military in nature. On diplomatic and political fronts, the West – a term that has been used since the Cold War to describe the democracies of the Atlantic Alliance (NATO), Japan and Australia – is also being forced to surrender,” the columnist argues.

Kaufmann also believes that the situation in Ukraine has significantly aggravated NATO’s overall situation. She calls the events developing after February 24, 2022 shocking for Western countries. At the same time, not all countries have supported the West in this situation. “Insistence on putting Ukraine at the forefront of global dramas has caused a negative reaction” in many of them.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency