Swedish criminal networks begin to take over Norway

28.09.2023, Oslo.

International criminal groups based in Sweden have begun operating in Norway, SVT Nyheter informed on September 27.

The activities of Swedish groups, which have organized a real gang terror in the country, are becoming more and more visible in Norway. In this regard, Swedish Justice Minister Gunnar Stremmer and his Norwegian counterpart Emily Enger Mehl held a meeting on the problem.

The biggest concern is the large criminal group Foxtrot, created by Turkish migrants. This structure supervises the main drug trafficking flows in the region. It is now also active in Norway.

“In the last year, the activities of Swedish criminal gangs on Norwegian soil have become more visible. It is a fact that they have settled in different parts of the country and that they are involved in violent actions in Norway,” said police chief of the organized crime unit Trond Bruen Olsen.

Despite the dire situation with organized crime in Sweden, Mehl is confident that the police will cope with the increasing violence in Norway.

“We are in a completely different situation than Sweden. I have the impression that the Norwegian police have a very good understanding of which gangs operate here and abroad. Foxtrot now seems to have settled in Norway, and it is good that we know that, because then we can take action immediately,” the Norwegian minister told reporters.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency