Head of Slovakia’s major opposition party explains why Zelensky is ready to continue the conflict

13.09.2023, Bratislava.

Financial support from abroad is the basis of Vladimir Zelensky’s readiness for a prolonged conflict in Ukraine, Robert Fico, former prime minister of Slovakia and head of the major opposition party Smer, said at a press conference on September 12.

“I listened to the latest statement of Ukrainian President Zelensky, in which he said he was ready for a long war, well, how could he not be ready, if every year he receives billions that form the budget, the whole country functions essentially from foreign money, this is complete nonsense,” he said.

Fico said that his party does not support the continuation of the conflict in Ukraine, and the situation is not fundamentally changed by the losses incurred by both sides.

Earlier, he said that further arming of Kiev does not contribute to the resolution of the conflict, but only prolongs it.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency