Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’ calls for mobilization of all forces of Russian society against the forces of evil

12.09.2023, Saint Petersburg.

The Church, the army and political forces must mobilize to defeat the forces of evil that have unleashed hostilities against Russia, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Rus’ said on September 12 before the procession with the relics of Alexander Nevsky after the liturgy in the Alexander Nevsky upper church of the Annunciation Church of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

“… The Church must be mobilized – first of all to make prayers for our authorities, the army, but also to be there, on the front line, like our courageous regimental priests who work and, unfortunately, die, but do not leave the front line,” the patriarch noted. He emphasized that it is impossible to “understimate the complexity of the moment we are experiencing.”

“Today we need the mobilization of everyone: the army, political forces,” the patriarch urged. Patriarch Kirill recalled that five military priests had already fallen in the zone of Russia’s special military operation.

“Faith is the force that can mobilize all other human forces,” the head of the Orthodox Church of Russia said in conclusion.

On September 12 (August 30, according to the Julian calendar), 1724, Emperor Peter the Great transferred the relics of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky from the Nativity Cathedral in Vladimir to the monastery founded by him. In honor of this event, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates St. Alexander Nevsky Memorial Day.

Prince Alexander Yaroslavovich (1221-1263) was named Nevsky in honor of his victory over the Swedes in the battle of July 15, 1240. The battle took place at the place where the Izhora River flows into the Neva River.

Alexander Nevsky was canonized in 1547 in the countenance of blessed in the reign of Tsar Ivan VI the Terrible.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency