Europeans are bringing the caliphate back to Europe themselves. Opinion

10.05.2024, Moscow.

The caliphate is returning to Europe as a soft power with the help of migrants that Europeans themselves are voluntarily importing on an astronomical scale, according to the report from the theater of war, published in The Essence of Time newspaper, issue 584.

In Germany, parents of German schoolchildren are increasingly reporting that their children want to convert to Islam because they fear bullying by classmates. The number of children of migrants from Muslim countries, including Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, has risen sharply in Germany in recent years. Students from Christian families are often a minority in schools.

“”The caliphate is returning, but this time not with fire and sword, but in the form of soft power – migrants whom the Europeans themselves are voluntarily importing to themselves on an astronomical scale,” The Essence of Time editorial reads.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency