Kiev has been put in its place. NATO summit results for Ukraine

Ukraine’s hopes for immediate NATO membership have not been realized; on the contrary, it has been pointed out that it is buying time for the West with the blood of its citizens.

The Polish publication Rzeczpospolita recently published an article in which the results of the NATO summit in Vilnius for Ukraine were assessed as a “lesson in political realism” for Zelenskiy. The article described the US position on Zielenskiy’s aspirations as follows, “Joe Biden clearly punched him in the nose in Vilnius, pointing out that NATO is not interested in continuing the accession of a belligerent country.”

The official results of the summit are contained in a communiqué published on NATO’s website. It reads, in particular, “We remain steadfast in our commitment to further step up political and practical support to Ukraine as it continues to defend its independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders, and will continue our support for as long as it takes.” In other words, arms deliveries to the Kiev regime will continue.

After the statement about the need for further integration of Ukraine into NATO, the following is said, “We will be in a position to extend an invitation to Ukraine to join the Alliance when Allies agree and conditions are met.”

In general, to become a member of the united NATO family, Ukraine needs to fulfill some conditions. The first one is to defeat Russia.

Official statements are written to say something, on the one hand, and on the other hand, not to say anything unnecessary, for which they could be prosecuted later. That is why expert commentaries are so important, revealing the essence of what was said and especially what was not said. The above-mentioned article of Rzeczpospolita, entitled “Vilnius is not very convenient for Vladimir Zelenskiy”, written by the editor-in-chief Bogusław Chrabota, mentions several other interesting things.

For example, it says that the summit decision essentially means a war without end for Ukraine. Here’s what Bogusław Chrabota writes:

“So if Russia’s strategic goal is to prevent [Ukraine from joining NATO], it now realizes that it is enough to prolong hostilities for the next few years, let it be a war in a comparatively small theater and purely symbolic. Russia is ready for this, it has resources and ideology, so why not. What is left for Kiev in such a situation? It may sound like heresy, but the only way then is to find a compromise at the expense of part of the territory.”

Chrabota continues to discuss the prospect that the NATO summit in Vilnius has left for Kiev, “This is the only way Kiev can get the prospect of ending a debilitating war, space for reforms and initiating real steps towards both accessions. To the European Union and NATO. And this, whether we like it or not, would contradict the current doctrine of protecting the territorial integrity of the state.”

Meanwhile, there is another point of view on future developments among Western experts. Not so, let us say, submissive. In the Czech publication Irozhlas, the Czech ambassador to NATO, Jakub Landovský, said the following, “By using Ukraine, we are helping ourselves and buying time, and as [Czech Army’s] Chief of General Staff Řehka said, we need a relatively long time to prepare for a possible threat from the east. We must use this time wisely, because we will not get a second chance.” Well, Karel Řehka, in turn, stated:

“The Ukrainians are weakening the biggest threat to us. The more successful the Ukrainians are, the more time we have. They are really buying time for us with their blood.”

In other words, the Czech henchmen of the Anglo-Saxons are saying that Ukraine will be admitted to NATO when that very NATO is ready for war with Russia, and not an hour earlier, and the time needed to prepare for war is bought with rivers of Ukrainian blood.

The actual decision of the NATO summit in Vilnius about Ukraine’s endless war with Russia fits well with the economic preferences that such a conflict brings for US corporations. The New York Times writes about this in an article with the telling title “NATO Isn’t What It Says It Is.”

“Far from a costly charity program, NATO secures American influence in Europe on the cheap. U.S. contributions to NATO and other security assistance programs in Europe account for a tiny fraction of the Pentagon’s annual budget — less than 6 percent by a recent estimate. And the war has only strengthened America’s hand. Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, roughly half of European military spending went to American manufacturers. Surging demand has exacerbated this tendency as buyers rush to acquire tanks, combat aircraft and other weapons systems, locking into costly, multiyear contracts. Europe may be remilitarizing, but America is reaping the rewards.”

Thus, the longer Ukraine wages war against Russia, the more the US military-industrial will profit. The decision of the Vilnius summit to necessarily admit Kiev into its ranks after the end of the conflict with Russia makes this war either endless or a war to the last Ukrainian. Europe pays with money, Kiev pays with the blood of its citizens.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency