Bulgarian president angers Zelenskiy by opposing arms transfer to Ukraine

07.07.2023, Sofia.

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev spoke out against transferring Bulgarian weapons and ammunition to Kiev during talks with the head of the Kiev regime Vladimir Zelenskiy, who was visiting Sofia. The Ukrainian news website Strana published a fragment of the negotiations on July 6.

Radev said that the conflict in Ukraine had no military solution.

“I do not agree with the provision of ammunition, especially from the reserves of the Bulgarian army. As Commander-in-Chief, I have a clear responsibility to ensure that the country’s defense capacity is not weakened,” the Bulgarian newspaper 24 Chasa quoted the head of state as saying.

“I continue to insist that this conflict has no military solution, and more and more weapons are unlikely to lead to that solution … We would also like to hear the word ‘peace’ more often. The leading effort should be to achieve peace. I believe that at this point we have not used all the diplomatic means to work towards that,” Radev was quoted as saying by the US publication Politico.

In response, Zelenskiy engaged in an open discussion with the Bulgarian president and condemned his position. He criticized the Bulgarian leader for using the word “conflict” instead of “war.”

Earlier Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said that the US and Western countries were not working for a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine. He called the supply of weapons and ammunition to Kiev as putting wood on the fire.

The Brazilian leader said that he would help unite those countries of the world that are interested in a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine.

On July 7, The New York Times wrote that the White House would allow the supply of cluster munitions to Kiev, despite their effect on civilians.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency