“What happened has happened” – Putin discusses situation at the front with military correspondents

The enemy is not successful in its counteroffensive and faces personnel losses that “can be called catastrophic”

Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the situation on the front with military correspondents in the Kremlin on June 13. He noted that the counterattack by the Ukrainian armed units is underway, but in a way that weakens Ukrainian forces.

The president noted that Russia was deceived and betrayed by the Minsk agreements, the other parties would not implement them. Now Russia has to admit, “What happened has happened.” Vladimir Putin stressed that in the absence of security threats, Russia is always “determined to have the best relations” with its neighbors.


Speaking about the counteroffensive by the Ukrainian armed units, Vladimir Putin said that it has been ongoing since June 4 and is large-scale. The Ukrainian armed units are using strategic reserves for the offensive.

Referring to another military report, he said that since morning the Ukrainian armed units attacked in several directions: an infantry company supported by four tanks and armored vehicles in the Shakhter direction, tanks and armored vehicles also acted in the Vremev direction. However, the Ukrainian forces suffered losses and did not reach the front line of the Russian Armed Forces.

“The enemy had no success in any of the areas. They have large losses,” the Commander-in-Chief said. He stressed that losses on the Ukrainian side “are approaching an estimate that can be called catastrophic in terms of personnel.”

According to Putin, the ratio of sanitary and irretrievable losses of Ukrainian personnel is “almost 50 to 50.” At the same time, Russian troops also suffer losses, but ten times fewer.

The Russian leader also said that Ukraine’s losses of armored vehicles were “even more serious.” During the counteroffensive, the Ukrainian armed units lost over 160 tanks and over 360 armored vehicles of various types. According to the President, this is approximately 25-30% of the equipment supplied to Ukraine from abroad.

Putin acknowledged that Russian troops had lost 54 tanks since June 4, some of which were nevertheless restorable and repairable.

The president said that Ukraine’s sabotage, which led to the collapse of the Kakhoka hydroelectric power plant, contributed to the disruption of the counteroffensive in that direction.

“I’ll say a strange thing, but nevertheless, unfortunately, it thwarted their counteroffensive in that direction. Unfortunately, why? Because it would have been better for them to attack there. Better for us, because it would have been quite hard for them to advance there. But since such flooding happened, the offensive did not take place,” said Vladimir Putin.

Russia had no interest in destroying the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant, he added.

The President stressed that the Ukrainian military-industrial complex is not capable of producing its own weapons and might soon cease to exist, because it is not being developed, but simply receives equipment from abroad. Moreover, the West violates international law when it transfers weapons to Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin stressed that the task of demilitarizing Ukraine remains relevant and must be solved. Russia has not changed its goals and objectives. The special operation of demilitarization and denazification continues without fundamental changes.

UAV attacks

The military correspondents’ questions to the president also touched on drone raids reported in various Russian rear cities. The president promised that the problem of combating drones that are difficult to detect by air defense means will be solved.

Putin said that the task of strengthening the borders is a priority, but Ukrainian militants still can shell Russia’s border regions, which requires a response from Russia.

“First, there is an increase in efficiency and counter-battery fighting, but this does not mean that there will be no incoming attacks on our territory. And if this continues, then we will apparently have to consider – I say this very carefully – the creation of some sort of sanitary zone on Ukrainian territory at such a distance from which it would be impossible to reach our territory,” Vladimir Putin explained.

“But this is a separate issue, I am not saying that tomorrow we will start this work. We have to look at how the situation will develop,” the Russian president explained.

Arms shortage

The president confirmed that the troops do indeed still lack weapons. The army lacks high-precision ammunition, communications equipment, and unmanned aerial vehicles, Putin explained. Therefore, the volumes of production of the major kinds of armaments will be increased threefold, and up to tenfold for the most demanded types of armaments.

About new mobilization

The president of Russia stated that there are many people who want to serve under contract to be sent to the zone of Russia’s special operation.

More than 150,000 people enlisted for contract service, he stressed. Moreover, 10,000 registered in the past week alone.

Putin explained that he sees no need to send conscripts to the front because their task is to protect the state border in the border regions.

The President replied to the military correspondents that no new wave of mobilization was in the plans. At the same time, he mentioned that, of course, there are also opinions that up to two million more people should be conscripted.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency