Commander of Crimea battalion unit: Ukrainian armed units kill civilians who try to leave Russia’s special operation zone

02.06.2023, Melitopol.

The Ukrainian armed units are killing civilians in the Zaporozhye region who are trying to leave the war zone, the commander of the Crimea battalion unit said on June 2, RIA Novosti informed.

The unit commander described how Ukrainian militants destroyed a car carrying two elderly people, a man and a woman, who wanted to leave the war zone.

“Either with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher or a mortar, they [the elderly] were just driving a civilian car. You see, the difference is either here or on their territory: they don’t let the locals evacuate,” he explained.

Also, the battalion soldiers saw the Ukrainian military shooting a local resident dead who wanted to leave for the territory under Kiev’s control, said the commander.

The resident of the local village went in the direction of Ukrainian positions, as not all locals agree with Russia, and later Russian soldiers found his corpse and then removed his body being themselves under fire.

“He started to approach [Ukrainian positions] – as not everyone agrees with Russia – went to the other side, and they shot him. He was lying there, and the guys from the reconnaissance were removing his body. And they see that, they start shooting,” said the unit commander.

He stressed that the Ukrainian armed units have nothing sacred and that such actions of the enemy make it very difficult to evacuate the population.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency