Kurginyan: Russia has challenged the brazen West

29.05.2023, Moscow.

The dualism of Russia’s current situation is that Russia, which used to dream about living in peace with the West and which built a pro-Western reality, has challenged the West on behalf of this reality, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, philosopher and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said on May 13 on the Right to Know program on TVC.

The political scientist noted that he had a dual feeling when Russia “challenged this brazen West” by starting the SMO. On the one hand, he felt a deep happiness that his Motherland said that it “is not this crazy [West].”

On the other hand, Kurginyan indicated, he felt a sort of dismay from the fact that this challenge against the West flied in the face of everything Russia did over the recent decades. Well, Mother [Russia], what were you doing over 30 or 60 years? You were ready to sacrifice anything to avoid any threat of a war,” the analyst reminded.

Kurginyan compared the readiness of even the late Soviet Union to avoid a war at any cost with how US president Ronald Reagan was preparing for war, who said he wished his daughters would better die in a nuclear war rather than enter the godless communism.

And what were we saying? We were saying something different,” Kurginyan stressed.

Even Afghan war veterans, strong guys, according to the political scientist, had different sentiments.

But by that moment this softening system had already been launched in order to peacefully integrate us into the West and to make us like, say, Denmark or another country, Kurginyan explained, adding that it was our way to go insane.

And when we are challenging the West today, we are challenging it on behalf of this reality, the expert stressed.

Kurginyan made a special note that the SMO is going better than he expected based on the reality which he believes is a dead-end. “What is taking place in the so-called Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which is actually a conflict between Russia and the entire West, is much more optimistic than it could have been,” the leader of the Essence of Time movement concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency