In Germany, the “war party” has launched a hunt for Scholz

19.05.2022, Moscow.

The German newspaper Die Welt suggested replacing Scholz with Merz. According to the newspaper’s journalist, in the current government coalition, the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) proved to be the least capable and unsure of the situation in Ukraine.

At the same time, Die Welt‘s journalist actually agreed with the insulting remark “offended liverwurst” given to Scholz by the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Andrey Melnik after the Chancellor’s refusal to visit Kiev.

In her opinion, the whole situation with the Chancellor’s refusal to visit Ukraine, as well as with the failed visit of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Ukraine, is an indicator of uncertainty and indecision within the SPD.

Germany’s largest newspaper Die Welt actually opened a hunting season for social democrats in the German government with this article. The main complaint to German Chancellor Scholz and Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht is all kinds of delays in supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine.

At the same time the Greens, FDP and CDU have de-facto declared themselves the parties of war and are in favor of arming Ukraine with everything it needs from Germany’s arsenal, including modern tanks and air defense systems. Germany’s largest arms manufacturers have already declared their readiness to provide the required supplies.

The fate of German politicians and even the German government coalition is now largely decided not in Berlin and not even in Washington, but in Kiev.

And while Chancellor Scholz, still preserving a certain sense of decorum in inter-state relations, decided not to pay an official visit to Ukraine after Zelensky refused to host German President Steinmeier, Mertz and Berbock were not embarrassed in this respect and went to Ukraine.

And this happened after the Ukrainian ambassador publicly humiliated the Chancellor by calling him an “offended liverwurst.” That is, the war parties in Germany have taken the course of changing the coalition from “traffic light” (SPD, the Greens and FDP) to “Jamaica” (CDU, FDP, the Greens).

And if this happens, the Russophobic hysteria in Germany and the flow of German arms to Ukraine will increase manifold.

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