Ukrainian opposition politician: Anti-Russia" ideology turns Ukraine into a tribe

23.08.2021, Kiev.

Ukraine, being together with Russia, had access to European and world culture, and having adopted the anti-Russian doctrine, degraded to the level of a tribe, disgraced Ukrainian politician and head of the political council of the Opposition Platform – For Life party Viktor Medvedchuk wrote in his article “What Ukraine Can Be? What Ukraine Will Be” published on the official website of the party.

“The system of state administration in Ukraine is becoming more and more primitive. The ideology of ‘anti-Russia’ destroys the Ukrainian state, downgrades us not even to the level of the Middle Ages, but to the level of a tribe, which has same language, same cuisine, same dances and same idols. It is easier to rule over a tribe: anyone who does not conform to its traditions and the laws of the chief is expelled, as President Zelensky is showing today,” Medvedchuk writes.

According to him, the tribe of Ukrainians can easily be driven into reservations by taking away their land and future.

The politician stressed that the nations standing on the lower level of civilizational development always yield in the fight to those who are standing on the higher civilizational level. That is why, according to Medvedchuk, Ukrainian incompetent reformers are so devoutly and persistently cursing and destroying the legacy of the high Soviet civilization.

He reminded that the Ukrainian state has already lost the huge industrial and scientific potential it inherited after the disintegration of the USSR, and now the country’s population is rapidly diminishing and territories are falling away.

“Ukrainians are led to believe that they were civilized Europeans, they just forgot it, the Russians made them forget it. In fact, in alliance with Russia, Ukraine was basically part of European and world culture. Ukrainians are forced to remember something that did not exist, and to forget the really glorious past, to devalue it. In terms of management – to forget the history of former success,” continues the leader of the Opposition Platform – For Life.

On August 23, Kiev is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence Day. As part of the festivities is the inaugural summit of the “Crimean Platform”.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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