Kiev demands USA to provide security commitments, similar to Israel’s

17.04.2024, Kiev.

Ukraine wants US security commitments to be formalized as in the case of Israel, the head of Vladimir Zelensky’s office Andrey Yermak said on April 17 at a meeting with a US delegation on an agreement on appropriate guarantees, the president’s office said.

He noted the effectiveness of the agreement between the USA and Israel, which was confirmed during the repulsion of Iran’s attack on the latter. “The US agreement with Ukraine should work no worse,” Yermak said.

On April 15, President Zelensky complained that the West helps Ukraine less than Israel. The USA, the UK, France, and Jordan helped Israel. Zelensky said their actions, together with Israel, were as effective as possible.

At the same time, Israel is not a member of NATO and no fifth article of the organization’s charter was needed to help it, the Ukrainian president complained. If such assistance had been provided to Ukraine, the skies above Ukraine would have received the protection it requires.

Only political will is required from the West to provide Kiev with such support, the Ukrainian president said.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency