Noose around the neck – expert on the consequences of NATO military base establishment in Ukraine

08.10.2020, Moscow.

Major General Sergey Lipovoy, the hero of Russia, believes that the Ukrainian authorities do not understand that the noose, which they put on themselves, is tightening on their neck. Sergey Lipovoy expressed this opinion on October 8 in MK publication, commenting on the news that Ukraine wants to host a NATO base.

The major general noted that such actions will not lead to Ukraine’s security, but to quite other sad consequences.

“Ukrainian authorities no longer know how they would better bow and scrape before the West and at the same time sting Russia. They don’t realize that by letting NATO bases near Russia’s borders, they’re exposing their country to attack,” he said.

Sergey Lipovoy believes that the Ukrainian authorities don’t care about the country itself or about civilians, who are far from political games and tired of lawlessness and disorder. According to him, the persistent actions of the Ukrainian authorities can be understood: the leaders of the “independent” Ukraine are expecting that the USA and UK will fight Russia for them.

In his opinion, “apparently, they sincerely believe that they have cleverly wined everybody around their finger, not realizing that a noose around their necks, which they put on themselves, is tightening”.

Military expert Yakov Kedmi said that an imitation of a nuclear strike by the US on Russia from the territory of Ukraine carried out by three B-52 strategic bombers signed the last death sentence.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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