Lukashenko is a condemned man, the "Belarusian Spring" will not be disrupted. Opinion

08.10.2020, Moscow.

The reception given by the EU to the Belarusian opposition closes the possibility of an anti-Russian game for Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, Rossa Primavera News Agency’s observer Anton Chirkov thinks.

On October 8, information about active actions of Russian and Belarusian authorities towards preparation to creation of united state appeared in political channels. It was noted that it was necessary to strengthen positions of Russian authorities. Critics of unification stated that real foreign policy orientation of Lukashenko and part of Belarusian society towards the West would not allow unification to occur.

“What is happening is not just a talk. The war of forecasts reflects the political struggle between supporters and opponents of unification,” Chirkov believes. According to him, “someone is now trying to dissuade Putin from uniting with the same arguments as in these Telegram channels.”

Analyzing the arguments of the opponents of the unification, the observer noted that the reception given by the EU to the Belarusian opposition and its leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya means Lukashenko’s death sentence, and in this situation, to rely on his former “multi-vector” policy means “to fall behind reality.”

According to Chirkov, just as re-unification with Crimea was a protection of lives and rights of its citizens in conditions of “breakage” of international law, possible unification of Russia and Belarus is aimed at protection of democratic choice of Belarusian citizens made at the presidential election on August 9.

“In no case do I call on anyone to ‘destroy completely’ the international law, whoever is engaged in this and how. On the contrary, to offer fight back those who break it means to put a support in this shaky construction,” the observer believes.

Chirkov disagreed with those experts who believe that there is a strong pro-Western mood in Belarus. “In Belarus, there is no European dream, as it once was in Ukraine. There is a Baltic experience of joining Europe that does not arouse much desire to follow, especially in economic terms. And if there is a demand for change in the country, then unification with Russia is the best answer to it. This is a real answer, and it has nothing to do with the one assuming that people will go to Poland to wash dishes, although the economic basis for even that has already been undermined.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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