Kurginyan: Belarus will have to either become part of Russia or become part of Europe

08.09.2020, Moscow.

Lukashenko has to understand that Belarus will have to join either Russia or Europe, political scientist and the leader of the Essene of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on September 5 on the air of the Right to Know program on the TV Center channel.

Lukashenko is a “rancher,” and thus he has made Belarus “a good homestead, which he calls ‘a beautiful country’,” Kurginyan believes. However, in his opinion, Lukashenko lacks understanding that this small “beautiful country” cannot sustain itself autonomously.

“Tito lacked this understanding (and Tito was stronger): that Yugoslavia would not sit on two chairs for long, this is impossible. It had to join either Russia or Europe. If you join Europe you can hang yourself or do something of the like. If you join Russia, you are welcome,” the leader of Essence of Time explained.

He also noted that the Russian elite, in its turn, does not understand the importance of reuniting Belarus with Russia, and this is why it does not make any moves in this direction.

According to the political scientist, Russia “has to ask itself what the price for Belarus is, in the higher sense.” “It costs tremendously much. And we need to negotiate with all the Belarusian elite, we should offer any political advantages, in order to ensure the reuniting of the country,” Kurginyan added.

The Russian authorities do not understand, he stressed, that Belarus “is not a homestead where something can be privatized or some gas deals can be made.” They do not understand that reuniting Russia and Belarus is a matter of the future and “the fate of the Russian people,” Kurginyan noted.

“Had we understood this, we would have come to an agreement with Belarus ten years ago. Therefore, our guilt in what we have today is also very serious,” the political scientist believes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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