Expert: Armenian biological laboratories open for USA but closed to Russia

05.08.2020, Yerevan.

The Armenian biological laboratories de jure belong to Armenia itself, but de facto their operation is controlled by the United States of America, international expert on zoogenous diseases monitoring and organization of veterinary health, the leader of the United Health Armenian coalition Grigor Grigoryan said on July 29 at a press conference in the Ayely (Mirror) club.

The expert pointed out the inconsistency in the statements and actions of the Armenian authorities on this issue. He stressed that when Russia initiated the process of signing an agreement on cooperation in security, the Armenian side, to his knowledge, put every possible effort to prevent the signing of this agreement, although the Armenian Foreign Ministry said the issue was considered.

“The acting prime minister lied when he said that the signing of the agreement was delayed by the Russian side, because the Russian side expressed hope that the process of signing the agreement would not take long,” the expert noted.

Grigoryan stressed that despite the allied relations between Armenia and Russia, the laboratories are closed for Russian experts, unlike US ones. Although the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says that the access policy of the laboratories is equal for all foreigners and that they are closed for both Russian and US nationals, the real information suggests otherwise, Grigoryan noted.

“Here is a list of the persons who visited the laboratory and participated in joint work. It includes Dr. Tammy Beckham, coordinator of the Biological Security Program, NATO; Dr. Gavin Brownstein of the same program; Carl Newman, and many others,” the expert stressed, noting that the list is not comprehensive.

According to information available to Grigoryan, after the biological laboratories treaty began to be delayed in Armenia, a meeting between the Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan and the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu took place in October 2019, where they signed a plan of cooperation, including the biological security sector.

“However, when Russian virologists offered their help during the coronavirus pandemic, and their plans to visit Armenia became public, all the personnel in the reference laboratory suddenly became infected, and the laboratory was closed for one day for alleged disinfection,” the expert noted.

According to Grigoryan, when a laboratory of this level is closed for disinfection for one day it is nonsense and violation of all norms. He believes that this time was used for different purposes.

“I have to explain for those unfamiliar with the field that a laboratory of this level needs at lease one month for disinfection according to all international standards. Therefore, we suspect that in one day some specimens, materials, or preparations were removed from the laboratory,” the expert concluded.

The expert pointed out the systematic pattern of such abnormalities. “After Russian military virologists arrived on April 7, the laboratory was closed again for one day, on June 7. We can recall many such facts,” he noted.

“We insist that operation of the biological laboratories must be stopped immediately, today, as they de jure belong to Armenia, according to the usurper authorities. Because all the works are coordinated by the USA,” Grigoryan concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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