Lavrov: Separation of forces on new sections in Donbass has not been approved

30.04.2020, Moscow.

The separation of the confronting forces on the new sections of the contact line in Donbass has not been approved, the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov said on April 30 at a press conference on the outcome of the video conference of the Normandy Four foreign ministers.

“Unfortunately, none of such sections has been approved in the Contact Group yet,” he said.

The Foreign Minister explained that the Kiev authorities refuse to accept any proposals regarding the separation of forces sections that the Republics’ representatives suggest, while the sections that Kiev offer do not satisfy the Republics.

He noted that either side provides justifications why it disagrees with the other side’s proposals.

The Minister also reminded that previously, before the Normandy Four summit in Paris, a draft final statement was approved, in which the leaders would agree with the separation of forces along the entire contact line in Donbass, but the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky refused to sign it right at the summit. The text of the statement was amended to include the identification of three sections for the separation of forces.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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