Lithuanian human rights activist can be locked up in mental health facility for anti-fascist statements

05.03.2020, Vilnius.

The Lithuanian law enforcement agencies are going to recognize insane human rights activist Giedrius Grabauskas who campaigns against the glorification of Nazis in Lithuania, Grabauskas said on March 4 in an interview to RuBaltic.

Grabauskas is a co-chairman of the Socialist People’s Front of Lithuania. He has been consistently campaigning against the glorification of the Forest Brothers (organization banned in Russia) and raising awareness about the actual crimes of the Nazi collaborators in Lithuania.

After the human rights activist returned from Moscow to Lithuania, he received an instruction to undergo a forensic psychiatric examination. The prosecutor’s office wants to make a madman of a person who speaks about Holocaust in Lithuania and denies the Soviet occupation.

“Data is being collected that over the period from January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2019, Grabauskas spoke in media about various persons, whom he called fascists, Nazi criminals, Holocaust participants… In fact, he denied the Soviet aggression,” the prosecutor’s office reports.

In 2019, Grabauskas made a video report about an award that was given to the Forest Brothers (organization banned in Russia). In this story the human rights activist openly calls them criminals and murderers. After the story was demonstrated in Russia, a criminal investigation was opened against Grabauskas, and his apartment was searched.

Lithuania institutionally glorifies Nazis and pro-Nazi organizations. The Lithuanian authorities are planning to adopt an act to officially recognize that no holocaust took place in the country during the war, and that Lithuanians were not involved in killing Jews and civilians.

The Lithuanian Jewish Community has already voiced it protest against this. Before the Great Patriotic War, the Lithuanian Jewish population was one of the largest in Europe. The Nazis and the Forest Brothers (organization banned in Russia) eliminated it almost completely.

Politicians who oppose Nazism regularly face political repression in Lithuania. For example, the organizer of the Immortal Regiment march in Klaipeda Alexey Greychus was arrested on March 4. Greychus is the leader of an organization of the Russian speaking young people, and he works to commemorate the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. Previously, a member of the Klaipeda municipal council from the Titov Committee Ella Andreeva was detained under espionage charges.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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