Iran asks Turkey not to force it to become Russia’s ally in Idlib

01.03.2020, Tehran.

The Iranian Consultative Center in Syria has called on Turkish forces in Syria to act more rationally. This was reported by Al-Mayadeen news agency on February 29.

The appeal is an official comment of the Iranian Consulting Center in Syria, made in response to clashes between the Syrian and Turkish armies a few days ago.

Earlier, representatives of pro-Iranian militia “Mujahideen of the Resistance in Syria“, associated with the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), said that their organization was attacked by Turkish troops.

The attack took place when the militia assisted Syrian army in defending the M5 highway against pro-Turkish militants.

The Iranian Consultative Center in Syria stressed that despite the defensive actions of pro-Iranian forces, the Turkish army attacked their positions from the air.

In response to the attack, pro-Iranian militias “sent mediators to the Turkish army to stop the aggression, as well as the overall approach,” when Turkish army attacks pro-Iranian militias on the positions they occupy in accordance with the Astana agreements.

The statement stressed that pro-Iranian forces could have avenged the attack many times. But did not do so due to the IRGC supervisor orders.

However, “the Turkish army did not take into account our request and continued the bombing, and several mujahideen took martyr’s death“.

The Syrian army’s artillery suppressed the sources of fire shelling pro-Iranian militias, “we did not respond directly. From the very beginning, we ordered our forces not to attack Turkish forces inside Idlib in order to save soldiers’ lives,” the statement stressed.

The Iranian Center called on Turkish forces to act more rationally in future.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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