Explosion in DPR: Possible attack on the Russian humanitarian convoy

28.06.2018, Donetsk region.

For the Defense of Ilovaysk was destroyed by unknown vandals on June 28, Vesti.ru reports citing the DPR’s Interior Ministry.

Memorial stele located at the entrance to the city of Ilovaysk was blown up by unknown vandals on June 27 at 10.40 p.m. The base is damaged and the upper part is fully destroyed with its pieces found 50 meters away from the place of suspected explosion. The information was received by the Khartsyzsk Police station’s front office. An investigation team went to examine the scene right away. Law enforcement agencies are investigating the case to identify the vandals.

One theory is that a humanitarian convoy’s truck, which was transporting medical supplies and baby food to the city of Donetsk from Russia, could have been the target of the explosion.

The monument For the Defense of Ilovaysk was installed to honor the liberation of the city from the Ukrainian forces who tried to occupy it in summer 2014, but were forced to retreat in the course of heavy fighting.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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