Fans making Nazi salutes identified in Volgograd

22.06.2018, Volgograd.

An investigation into provocations by English fans on the eve of the England ― Tunisia football match has begun in Volgograd, reported on June 21.

Not only local law enforcement authorities but also the Football Association of England and the British police are investigating this incident. British law enforcement officers began their investigation after a video appeared on the web, which clearly showed English fans demonstrating Nazi salutes.

 “We strongly condemn the actions of the people in this video. We are working with the relevant authorities, including the UK Police investigations team, who are making enquiries to identify the individuals involved and take appropriate action,” officials of the Football Association said.

On Sunday, June 17, on the eve of the England ― Tunisia football match, British fans had a big party at the Galereya pub on Mira street in the city center. Having drunk much alcohol, the Englishmen started singing Nazi songs, showing Nazi salutes, and chanting anti-Semitic mottos. According to the V1 local news portal, the two men on the video are Chelsea fans from the Chelsea Headhunters group, one of the most aggressive fan groups according to British ratings.

The Englishmen’s foolery met active and strongly negative criticism from the city residents, who argued online in their comments on the news that such provocations are absolutely intolerable in the Hero City of Volgograd, and that they deserve prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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